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kariboo! services

Warehousing: storage and picking in our warehouses

Warehousing services: storage with service!

Use the secure storage facilities at kariboo!. Our warehousing services are not only safe and affordable but, as a bonus, you'll enjoy an extra- fast service.

Options for warehousing services

Your parcel delivered directly to a kariboo! spot from our warehouse

The fastest delivery and shipping? Our warehousing service combined with a kariboo! spot delivery. Your orders are picked quickly and efficiently by our team after which they are ready for collection from a kariboo! spot the next morning. Efficiency the kariboo!-way.

Warehousing and home or office delivery

Do you also want the option of home delivery? That's possible, even with warehousing. With this option, your parcels are delivered from the kariboo! warehouse to the customer's home.

Innight delivery

Looking for a flexible and reliable logistical formula? Then the combination of warehousing and night distribution will fit your business like a glove.

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