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Why kariboo! spots?

kariboo! spots

The kariboo! spots: nothing but advantages!

There is always a kariboo! spot nearby. Our kariboo! spots are located within 4 kilometres of each other, less than 3 minutes apart. Opening hours that fit your schedule, 6 days out of 7.

Practical, because while you deliver or pick up your parcel you can make a few other purchases. One stop shop!

Environmentally friendly! kariboo! spots are existing shops. Our trucks pass by every day at 7:30am. Your parcel is carpooling - so that's green!

Becoming a kariboo! spot?

kariboo! spots are our ambassadors who serve customers with a smile and where customers feel welcome. They are easily accessible shops that fit within our existing network and our philosophy.

Does your shop fit in our story?

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