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Integrated e-commerce logistics

Logistics services for e-commerce

E-commerce and logistics: a compulsory marriage. With kariboo! you have a partner who fulfils completely the logistical aspect of your e-commerce. Our warranty? In addition to a flawless logistics trail? A close collaboration that has real added value.

Innovative logistics services for e-commerce

Parcels delivered at a kariboo! spot

Simple, clear, cost-effective and customer-friendly. By delivering your parcels and having them collected in one of our 750 kariboo! spots you are choosing a flexible approach with attention to your margins. Your customers can collect their parcels 6 days a week, at virtually any time of the day, over a period of 2 weeks. With this service, your domestic network is covered because kariboo! spots are on average less than 3 km, or 4 minutes travel-time, away. Do you need an another reason? This parcel service is ecological because your packages hop onto existing transportation. Wow? Yes!  We don't use our 'no fuss' slogan in vain!

Home delivery

A nice extra option if you like to offer your customers the possibility of home delivery.

Returns management

kariboo! turns your returns policy into an efficient process. Hassle-free and easy to follow for your business - excellent service for your customer. The key? Besides our experience, the kariboo! spots are playing a star role. They act as intermediaries because your customer just drops off his return parcel where the shipment was picked up. Simple and effective.

3PL - Third Party Logistics for e-commerce

Want to keep close control and shorten delivery times for your e-commerce?
That's where a true logistics partner like kariboo! Really comes in handy. Thanks to our 3PL services your supply chain will be  booming. kariboo! can take care of your storage in a safe and central location and also manage the order picking and delivery. This is done quickly and efficiently, by the next morning, and is cost effective. After all, you don't really need a  logistical margin-killer.  We know that your existing business processes are important and that's why we take them into account. This way you obtain optimal results with minimal impact.

Easy integration into your existing website

Yes, we at kariboo! have also heard of customer experience. An important element of this is the checkout page of your website and, thus, the seamless integration of the shipping options. With our IT-tools and plugins we ensure this is a totally worry-free process. Your customers complete their purchases at the push of a button.

integrated e-logistics