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Great service for webshops

Shipping services for new, big and small webshops

Are you running a webshop? kariboo! delivers a worry-free logistics service regardless of the amount of parcels. With kariboo! you can be confident that your logistics run automatically, even with a limited budget. The reason? That's easy: your parcels are handled by an experienced and reliable logistics partner and, as a small webshop owner, you will benefit from our existing transport network and infrastructure.

Logistics tailored to your webshop

Your parcels leave and are delivered in a kariboo! spot

An excellent choice for both you and your customer.  The network of kariboo! spots is so extensive that there is always a kariboo! spot within less than 4 minutes. You deliver your packages into the kariboo! spot in your area and your clients have two weeks to pick up the shipment in their neighbourhood. As a bonus, kariboo! makes sure each kariboo! spot is open 6 days out of 7, from early morning until late in the evening. In short, this method is flexible, customer-friendly, economical and green. That's a nice extra worth mentioning to the customers of your webshop since eco-friendly is trending which is no bad thing!

Your parcel is delivered to the customer's home

Convenient for customers who do not work outside and are often home. A nice extra option with a personal, but less flexible service.

The kariboo! return option

Can your customers return parcels? Then it is especially useful if this can be done through the same channel! With the kariboo! return service, your customers sends their return parcel through the kariboo! spot of their choice. Customer oriented, fast and ecological. All the service advantages of a major player within reach of your webshop!

Storage shortage?

Then you will be glad to hear about the extra third party logistics kariboo! is offering. Our 3PL takes care of your entire logistics. You save time, space and headaches because your inventory is safely stored at the kariboo! warehouse. The picking by our team is done extra fast and your client's order is ready for pick-up the next morning at the selected kariboo! spot.

Easy to integrate on your website

Your webshop is operational, so you do not want any hassle with the integration of new shipping options. Don't panic, we know what we are doing. With our IT-solutions and the appropriate plugin your logistics are seamlessly and quickly integrated into your shop.

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Customer story

The story of Lensworld

To Lensworld  kariboo! is a cheap, fast and secure way to deliver.

An essential characteristic of a good logistics partner is reliability, because any problem with a delivery is associated with your website. Moreover, the fact that kariboo! is also hassle-free and inexpensive, is a real bonus.

Read more about the collaboration between kariboo! and Lensworld:

For their webshop, Lensworld was looking for a reliable logistics partner in addition to their existing shipping options. The reason? Apart from the fact that clients consider it to be a huge advantage to be able to choose between multiple shipping options, flexibility and reliability were decisive factors. 

The benefit for Lensworld? kariboo! is willing to load at their warehouse late in the day while combining this with a delivery in a kariboo! spot before 7:30. The service kariboo! offers exceeds by far that of other logistic partners Lensworld is working with. Apart from being inexpensive, kariboo! is also flexible, safe and reliable. At Lensworld, they are no longer confronted with lost parcels. That's a double win, since they no longer have to invest time and resources in a new delivery and they also avoid potential customer complaints.

That customer is delighted with the network of kariboo! spots. That is so well covered that customers always have a collection point in their neighbourhood. Just a quick stop (as you are driving past there anyway) and your order has arrived at its destination. 

kariboo! completely lives up to their 'no fuss' slogan.