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kariboo! services

Field team solutions

kariboo! acts as a bridge between your HQ and the employees in the field.

Your technician, security agent, representative or promotional team will receive spare parts, replacements or promotional material before dawn in their kariboo! spot. Does something need returning? It will be taken care of!

Our solutions for field teams bring your HQ to your employees

The chosen kariboo! spot as a collection point

Early in the morning your shipment is ready for collection in the kariboo! spot chosen by your employee. Smoothly, safely and without incident! kariboo! spots are located only a 4 minute drive, or 3 km, away and will therefore fit perfectly into the busy schedule of employees in the field.

Third party logistics combined with field team services

Fast, hassle-free, efficient and green. These are just a few of the words that illustrate what the combination of 3PL services and field team services represents. Your goods are stored at the kariboo! central warehouse with order-picking carried out by our team. The next morning your shipment has arrived for collection in a kariboo! spot.

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Customer Story

The story of Hospithera

To Hospithera, kariboo! is an efficient, convenient and quick way to reach their representatives.

Getting samples to your representatives without loss of time is not easy. With kariboo! they succeed. They avoid representatives having to come to the office by having all their samples delivered in kariboo! spots. The time they save is essential to them.

Read more about the collaboration between kariboo! and Hospithera:

Hospithera needed to optimise the distribution of samples to their representatives. In the medical devices sector the frequency with which samples are requested and distributed is very high. The fact that representatives needed to collect samples at Hospithera no longer fitted into their busy schedule.

To respond better, more flexibly and more quickly to sample requests from customers, and to relieve their representatives' schedule, Hospithera now uses kariboo!’s Field Team Services. It offers nothing but advantages! The kariboo! spots are - thanks to their dense network - always near the representatives’ home. Just popping in on the way to a customer to retrieve the requested samples does the trick. The cooperation with kariboo! allows them respond to clients more quickly. The samples are waiting for collection the next morning in selected kariboo! spot. Easy and efficient! And that also goes for the follow-up. They always know exactly when the samples were collected. Is a representative ill and unable to collect the samples? No problem. Anything that has not been collected after 7 days, is simply returned.

Everybody is happy: the customers, because they are helped quickly, the representatives, because they have more time for their customers and Hospithera because they’ve realised the time gain they were looking for.