About kariboo!


What we do

kariboo! is a Belgian parcel service specialising in the worry-free supply of domestic shipments: fast, cost-conscious, efficient and reliable! It’s success story started with an extensive network of pickup points, the so-called “kariboo! spots”. kariboo! makes it possible to send parcels from one spot to another or have them delivered at home or in the office. All kariboo! spots provide fast, affordable and safe solutions for returns. And, cherry on the cake, kariboo! also offers warehousing solutions for all customers!

Origin and evolution

Young, with experience!

How is this possible? Because kariboo! has the logistic structure and strength of a huge group behind it. With 125 years of experience in press distribution, a market share of 98% and 2 million customers a day, that's a whopper of a backbone! kariboo! is essentially the premier pick-up network in Belgium and that allows us to combine the dynamism of a young company with the expertise and network of a market leader.

Why choose kariboo!?

To say it in terms that perfectly match our sector: Because we deliver!

That's why our customers love to work with us - individuals and companies alike. kariboo! is flexible, always meets the arrangements it has made and delivers parcels in a green, efficient and budget-friendly way. Green and cheap? That sounds almost unique. That's kariboo!  We continue to look for innovative logistics solutions that fit the needs of our customers but, also, the zeitgeist.


To describe the group in figures

350 trucks a night depart from

9 distribution centers in Belgium to

5,500 stores of which

1.000 kariboo! spots for deliveries and return shipments

6 days out of 7 between

4am and 7.30am

But the most important figure is this: We strive for 100% customer satisfaction to which we are committed 200%